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Some people confuse senior portraits with yearbook photos.

While some schools still require seniors to have yearbook photos taken by a particular studio, most accept them from us or any studio that meets the yearbook specifications.

Check with your school and if you need yearbook photos, we will make them for you.

Or, go ahead, have your yearbook "photo" taken by the school photographer, but for the special portraits you will give to family and friends, see what we have to offer before you buy anything.

You have worked very hard to get to your senior year, and you deserve a special portrait for friends and family to remember you by at this important time in your life!

If you are from Western New York and are looking for the best service, quality, and packages for Senior Portraits, bookmark this page - we will have the site up shortly.  Or call 823-9123 and ask for our senior portrait  web packages.

We process and print the portraits right at our studio so we have no problem meeting yearbook deadlines.

The website wnyseniors.com is a service of Kelly Photographers, 2394 Seneca Street, Buffalo.  We have been providing Quality Senior Portraits and photography services for many years.

Kelly Expressions, Ltd,

2394 Seneca Street, Buffalo NY 14210 - 716-823-9123

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