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Formal StudioFormal Studio


This classic head & shoulders portrait is a timeless style. The background is in the style of the Old Masters.


Some schools require this traditional style for the yearbook publication.

       Formal Studio   


For fine, classical portraiture that will have a timeless quality remember "simplicity".


Simple, plain, traditional outfits of a solid color, photograph best, as they are not distracting and will not look dated in a few years.

Formal Studio

Keep in mind that white and light colors come forth or expand making one look heavier, while deep solid colors recede allowing people to appear thinner.


Also, avoid bold patterns and bright colors that tend to draw the eye away from the face when viewing the portrait.


We suggest medium to dark tones of the following colors: brown, rust, green, olive, purple, blue, black, or burgundy.

Always simplify your outfits by avoiding stripes, plaids, checks, or bright print and floral patterns.

Clothing for hi key (white background) portraits may be all white, pastels, bright or bold patterns, or stripes. These will work to produce a bold, dramatic effect when contrasted with the white surroundings.

All clothing for studio portraits should have long sleeves!!! It is important not to wear anything sleeveless or with a "capped sleeve" (small sleeve covering over the shoulder) which causes your arm to appear to look larger in a photograph. Long sleeves make it possible for better cropping and add emphasis to the facial skin tones.

For the guys this can be anything from a suit, to a tux or even just a nice sweater and a pair of slacksFormal Studio

Consider the tie as an option if you’re not using a jacket. Even a solid color shirt and a pair of khakis can have a relaxed but classic look.

For the girls, dresses or blouse and skirt are good places to begin but don’t forget to bring a formal if you have one...or two.

Here again, a sweater and nice slacks are also a good choice.

Mixing classics like jeans and simple shirt or a sweater and khakis will all but guarantee you will have some images in your sitting that are safe from the changes of the fashion world.


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