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Your glasses are a part of you. If you always wear them, please plan to leave them on for your portrait session.

The truth is that glasses will reflect a glare caused by the flash, or if taken outdoors, your glasses can reflect glare from a number of surrounding objects.

There are several things we can do to minimize the glare, and some things you can do, too.

Have your optometrist remove the lenses from the rims, or use an empty set of rims for the portrait session.

If you choose to leave the lenses in the rims, we can do much to minimize the reflection they make.

Some glasses pick up glare easier than others, and most of the time, in a studio situation, we can adjust the angle of the light and the angle of the glasses to control most of the glare.

Some glasses are curved in such a way that they distort the face within their circumference. When this situation occurs, we cannot change or alter their effect.

After all efforts have been made to minimize the glare your glasses produce, they may still show some glare (usually a small area at the top of the glasses). This is normal and acceptable. However, if you are unhappy with this result, retouching can be done to further eliminate glass glare.

Retouching is a hand-painting process and by its nature takes some time. The cost of retouching glass glare is not included in the cost of the package priced portraits, or with the regular prints.

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