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Sadie Hawkins Dance Photographs

We Offer the Best Value for Homecoming Dance Photography

We offer the most complete Dance Photography Service in Western New York and have been doing this for many years. Some of the services that we offer cost us a premium but, we believe, that these extras make our photography packages better than others can, or will, offer. Our extra service makes your prom better.

Three Day Delivery - Three calendar days - guaranteed.

Imprinted Key Tags - Full 2 1/2" X 3 1/2" imprinted with dance name, theme, date.

Complementary - Tickets, and posters.

Proofs - A press proof of all of these items before they go to print. Proofs save disappointments.

Wallets - The full 2 1/2" X 3 1/5" borderless wallets - 45% bigger image than the same size bordered wallet. Our 4x5, 5x7, 8x10, and 10x13 prints are boarderless also.

Selection - We offer seven of the most popular packages. All of the packages include photographer setup, tax, and delivery to the school sorted by last name or homeroom. We provide you with posters with our prices on and slips with the prices on that can be distributed with ticket sales. We take couple, individual, group photographs at the dance. We have an assortment of very attractive packages.

Largest Selection of Backgrounds - We have one of the largest selection of backgrounds and props of any studio in this area. We even have the capability of creating a custom background for your prom. We will even go out and shoot a test shot of the background that you may want to use at your catering hall.

Scheduled Reorders After the Dance -  We do reorders on a weekly basis.  Many places take months for reorders and stop doing reorders right after the dance . We continue to do reorders months (if not years) after the dance.

Highest Quality - Our cameras are the highest quality Hasselblad medium format 70mm cameras. We use Kodak products to insure the best quality and service, we process and print the dance photographs in our own photolab right here in Buffalo. Each exposure is tested and corrected to yield the best color and density. We use the most contemporary presentation folders to complement our photographs.

Extras - We provide all of the extra items and services that make your dance special and make the planning of your prom easier. We offer optional  complementary candid photographs for yearbook use, and complementary packages for chaperones.

Local Company - We are a local company with hometown service. We maintain the best value by producing our own items and processing our own photographs.

Many More Reasons - For all of the reasons to have us photograph your dance,, give us a call and we will present the differences to your committee. We provide the best service, quality, and overall value.

kelly_best_value for photographs

2394 Seneca Street, Buffalo, NY 14210-2650


FAX:  716-824-5186

Kelly Expressions, Ltd,

2394 Seneca Street, Buffalo NY 14210 - 716-823-9123

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